Pines Burn Wind Farm

Site Name

Pines Burn

Site Location

nr. Bonchester Bridge and Hawick, Scottish Borders

Proposed Turbine Height

130m - 149.9m

Proposed No. of Turbines


Approximate Installed Capacity

Up to 49.9 MW

Planning Authority

Scottish Borders Council 

Predicted Community Benefit Fund

In line with good practice



Project Description

The Pines Burn wind farm project is located approximately 6km South West of Bonchester Bridge and 8km South of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. The project consists of 12 wind turbines, with tip heights between 130m and 149.9m. The development will be operational for a 25 year period, after which after which the turbines would be removed and the site restored.

Project Consent

An application for consent was submitted to Scottish Borders Council (SBC) in December 2016. Content was granted at Appeal in August 2018.

In October 2018 a further application was submitted to SBC to increase the tip height of the 5 smaller turbines to 149.9m. This enhancement, if approved, would provide up to a 30% increase in renewable energy produced at Pines Burn.