Hyndburn Wind Farm Infill Extension

Energiekontor is delighted that Hyndburn Borough Council has approved an application for a further four infill wind turbines at Haslingden Moor. The decision followed support for the proposal from a number of residents and community groups. Haslingdon Moor represents a great site for renewable energy with the existing wind farm performing well above the national average capacity factor. The further four infill turbines seek to further utilise the wind resource to create clean green renewable energy on the site enabling electricity production for the equivalent of 25,600 homes annually, this can be provided for without extending the envelope of the existing wind farm.

The proposal also includes a comprehensive mitigation package which will continue the enhancement of the moor, building on work which was undertaken for the original wind farm. As part of the application process, Natural England has acknowledged this and stated the proposal will provide ‘significant enhancement of other areas of moor which both mitigate and enhance the overall restoration’. The restoration of the moor has been a success and the rewetting has enhanced the vegetation of the moor and the upland grass area. There has also been an increase year on year in the number of birds using the moor and the upland area, which is real testament to the quality of the habitat enhancement scheme provided by the wind farm.

Hyndburn Infill Extension Photomontage