A reliable income, without impacting your farming activities or business

A Reliable Income From Renewable Energy

If you own land in the UK that can accommodate a wind farm or solar park, Energiekontor UK Ltd can work with you to investigate and deliver a project on your site that will provide you with an income for the operational life of the development.

Wind farms can be accommodated on farmland without significantly impacting on farming activities. Wherever possible we aim to locate our turbines adjacent to existing access tracks or field boundaries to minimise land take and disruption to agricultural working practices.

Solar farms are simple to install and decommission, usually comprising panels mounted on a metal frame which is installed on piles driven into the ground, hence avoiding the need for concrete foundations. The rows tend to be spaced far enough apart and elevated to allow for the grazing of land by sheep.

If you have land that you would like us to investigate from a feasibility perspective then feel free to contact us.

If our investigations reveal that the site is potentially suitable then we will typically seek to enter into a short period of exclusivity whilst we negotiate the terms of an Option for a Lease. Once the terms are agreed, we will enter into the Option period during which we will seek to submit a planning application for the proposed development. The Option will be exercised if planning permission is granted. Once operational, the development would provide the landowner with a stable and regular income for up to 25 years.

At the end of the operational life of the development, the infrastructure would be removed and the land would be restored.