Providing renewable energy to Europe since 1990

Energiekontor UK Ltd was founded in 1999 and is a subsidiary of the German based Energiekontor AG; the parent company of the Energiekontor group which develops and manages wind farms and solar parks in a number of European countries. The Energiekontor group was founded in 1990 as a private and independent company to plan and develop wind farms. In 2002, Energiekontor was listed on Frankfurt securities exchange.

Since 1990, Energiekontor has developed over 100 wind farms across Europe in Germany, Portugal, Greece and the UK, investing over €1.3 billion; creating a total capacity of over 1000 MW.

Our company vision is for a world where energy needs are provided solely by renewable energy sources. And to achieve this we will continue to look to build new renewable generation plants to generate electricity for a low carbon energy future.

In the UK our pipeline of new projects consists of sites that we have identified as 'greenfield' and taken through the development process ourselves. We also purchase projects that already have planning permission to take through the finance, construction and operation phases.

We have an experienced and dedicated UK based team with considerable knowledge of rural land management, the development / financing / construction process, securing corporate Power Purchase Agreements and the on-going management of operational wind farms. 

Making a difference to the environment and communities

Energiekontor has a long international history of developing onshore wind energy projects. Over time we have seen the onshore wind industry grow from a niche technology reliant on government subsidies, to one that is now an integral part of the UKs generation mix, producing electricity that is not only clean but low-cost. Our expertise and experience allows us to continue to build wind farms even though government subsidies have been withdrawn. 

In addition to the environmental benefits of our wind farms our Community Shared Ownership and Community Benefit Funds provide a mechanism for the local area can share in their success. This is achieved through Energiekontor committing to a revenue stream for the life of the wind farm that supports local communities by funding schemes ranging from local wildlife habitat schemes to rebuilding community halls.

We believe the key to our success is due to the fact that our in-house teams are involved in all aspects of renewable project development - from site selection, planning, finance and construction, through to the on-going operation and management of wind farms. This expertise gives landowners and energy buyers the confidence that our projects will be built on time and operated efficiently.